Storing Your Beauty Products


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When Good Products Go Bad

In addition to storing your makeup products correctly – which will prolong their life, it is important to know when these beauty products expire.

Most woman are guilty of holding on to, say, a discontinued eyeshadow or just can’t bear to toss that two-year old skincare product out as you think  are sure to use it again. Someday, right? Probably not! Know when to let go—if you’re hanging on to your skincare or makeup past its expiration date, chances are bacteria have taken their toll and might be causing you skin problems.


If a product seems unusually discolored, runny or lumpy, has separated or developed a strange odor, or feels different on the skin than it once did, then throw it away.

Packaging that has expanded, warped, or has signs of deterioration is definitely a warning that something is wrong inside. A product doesn’t have to be old to have gone bad or have been exposed to bacteria, so you should always pay attention to how your products are holding up every time you use them.


24 Life-Changing Ways to Store Your Beauty Products

Even a small amount of makeup can make your bathroom or vanity look messy and cluttered. Here are 24 unconventional ways to organize your beauty products using things you probably already own. Who knew a mini loaf pan could be so useful?

1. Use a spice rack as a shelf for your perfume bottles.

2. Display pretty fragrances on top of a cake stand.

3. Arrange your everyday beauty products on a revolving spice rack to save space.

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Source : Cosmopolitan

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