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Featherstroke 4 piece Ultimate Big Brush Set excellent value for money



4 pcs 44 pcs 2


Rating: 5.0
Title: Just impressed! (They’re WAY bigger than you think)
Author: Katy Lake
Content: Travel brush sets, on the whole, are crummy. The handles are too short, the manufacturers make no effort with the brush, and they last about as long as a two week vacation. I wasn’t expecting much with these brushes.I was wrong! These are superb!

First off, the cylinder that holds them is NICE. I mean, really nice, very high quality. It’s large and closes with two snaps. You can easily store your brushes, all the brushes you’re likely to need on a trip. It also makes a great container at home to keep brushes dust-free.

And the brushes! Just amazing. Great handles, easy to use, and the bristles are just incredible. Soft, well formed, no fallout. They work great, and what’s interesting is I can’t pick a favorite.

I got this brushes at an uber inexpensive price, but they were easily worth the regular price, plus. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

11pcs - 6 -300x250

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