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History of Lipsticks

Lipstick Is Every Girl’s Friend Everyone can recognize a tube of lipstick. It likely hasn’t changed much in recent years – same tube, same general appearance, same method of application.  The origins of lipstick is pretty gross – they used to be filled with things like crushed beetles! The ancient Mesopotamian women were possibly the […]

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Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them This video highlights the common makeup mistakes and how to go about fixing them to make the most of your natural beauty. An easy mistake to make is not using the correct color foundation as well as powder to set.  Another common mistake is to use too […]

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Nature’s Botox

Bee Venom Meets Skincare Sometimes referred to as nature’s Botox, bee venom therapy works to reverse the effects of ageing by encouraging the stimulation of natural collagen and elastin. But is it safe for the bees? Yes it is. When a bee stings a person, it dies because it no longer has its stinger. Collecting […]

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Wonderous World of Eyebrows

Women Are Getting Eyebrow Extensions And The Results Are Totally Mind-Blowing Maybe you have naturally thin brows or you lost them by overtweezing. To get extensions, brow technicians use tweezers to dip tiny synthetic hairs into skin-safe glue and then the hairs are individually applied to the skin. The process can take up to two […]

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Perfect Your Cat Eye

Create a Dramatic, Head-Turning Look With Your Cat Eye Looking for cute makeup ideas? Learn how to apply the cat eye eyeliner with Paulina. It’s a great eyeliner style for day and night looks. Look at more eyeliner ideas:… The classic cat eye gets the bombshell treatment from COVERGIRL! Start with a clean palette […]

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Beautiful Natural Look

The Illusion Of No Makeup “No make-up” generally  means “less make-up than usual”.  We allow ourselves to go along with the tabloids and accept something we know to be untrue as we take a peep into the private lives of celebrities we think we know  –    ……. and there she goes, frolicking seductively on […]

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Know Your Eyeliners

Get In Line Talk about a multitasking makeup item — one eyeliner can provide very different looks for your peepers. Lining your eyes places emphasis on one of your most lively features and can provide a touch of needed polish on a day when you are truly short on time. Eyeliner is no doubt a […]

Makeup Tips For All

Makeup Tips That Will Change Your Makeup Routine Forever Wayne Goss, a very well known Makeup Artist opens up another side of understanding makeup and makeup applications.  He is a true professional and has his own unique style. In this very informative video he gives invaluable tips on a wide variety of makeup and makeup […]

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Eye Makeup Like a Professional

Enhance Those Beautiful Eyes If you are a newbie to makeup or just need a little inspiration – this eye makeup guide is just for you. This beginners guide will explain in great detail the reason for using primers.  It also  explains which makeup brushes to use as well as the most effective ways in […]

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Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Eyes

Featherstroke Makeup Brushes Working Hard Your eyes are your most distinctive facial feature. Often referred to as “the windows to the soul”, the eyes  draw  immediate attention. The prerequisite of flawless grooming is thus well defined eyes. This set consists of the 10 essential brushes needed to expertly apply your eye makeup so as to […]