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Smoothies For a Perfect Skin

The Benefits of Drinking Healthy Smoothies Fruits smoothies can be an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients. The best way to know the exact ingredients in your smoothie is to make them yourself. All you need is a blender, fruit and a base, such as water, milk or yogurt. Making your own […]

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Going Makeup-Free

Things You Learn When You go Makeup Free Imagine getting up in the morning but instead of spending 20 minutes putting your make-up on, you walk straight out the door. You don’t stop to check your reflection on the way to work because there’s no mascara to smudge. Your handbag and bathroom sides are a […]

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Beauty Trends That Need to Die

How Fashion Trends Begin In decades’ past fashion trends typically were started and evolved strictly through the method of fashion house to magazine to consumer – and it stayed like this for a very long time. In our current Internet-savvy (even obsessed) world – adults in the U.S. spend an average of 11 hours per day […]

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Quest For Eternal Youth

What is Beauty? Can beauty be defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size? Who gets to decide? So where does beauty come from? Where can it be found? I can assure you it isn’t hidden in the words of any beauty, diet, or fitness magazine article. It doesn’t come in a 12 can […]

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Unique Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Look Gorgeous With Minimum Effort As we age, especially after 30yrs your skin starts to take longer to regenerate and can appear dull, lined and mottled in appearance, therefore it becomes increasingly more important to look after your skins health What you apply to your skin everyday has a huge impact to your skins overall […]

Keep Makeup Fresh During Summer Heat

How To Keep Makeup Intact This Summer We know, it’s so annoying when your makeup starts melting during the Summer months. The heat means you’re going to sweat, but it also means your skin will likely produce more oil. There are some simple steps you can take before, during and after you apply your makeup […]

Perfect Your Makeup

These charts will take all of the mystery out of getting your makeup to look perfect Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect look with makeup? Knowing a few tricks can really help! Use good face cleaners. Wash your face. Washing your face will make your skin look perfectly clean. This cleans your […]

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The Magic of Makeup – Transformations

The Wonderful Fantasy World of Makeup Artists Makeup Artists are very talented and  awards are given for this profession in the entertainment industry that include the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hair-styling and even several entertainment industry awards such as the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes to name a few. In the United States as well […]

Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back

Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back (It’s Easier Than You Think) Is your sleep position unknowingly ageing you? Sleeping on your back might seem impossible if you’re a habitual side or stomach sleeper, but the beauty benefits are huge. Sleeping any other way but face up accelerates the formation of sleep-related wrinkles from the repeated, […]

Using Kabuki Brushes

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush by ALKA KUMAR on MAY 27, 2015 · Hello Fashionistas, Today I am back with a very interesting article, “7 different ways of using a Kabuki brush”. Read on to know what those unique ways are and how you can add them in your beauty routine. By […]