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Makeup Tips and Tricks

Makeup Secrets Revealed We all put on makeup (at least some of the time), but is your technique yielding the best possible results? Makeup is a work of art and when it comes to enhancing your beautiful face, there are many creative approaches you can use. There are several makeup tips in makeup application you […]

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Eliminate Dark Under Eye Circles

How To Mask Dark Under Eye Circles Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and not every beauty trick works the same for each woman. Sometimes you end up paying more for a product and find out you can use something that you’ve had laying around the house that was much more inexpensive and works […]

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Breaking The Beauty Rules

“Creating Glamour is An Art Form”, Dita Von Teese Dita Von Teese (43) is an American burlesque dancer, model, costumer designer, entrepreneur and occasional actress.  She is famous for her burlesque performances as well as her flawless makeup and, of course, her red lips. DitaVon Teese is fond of wearing elaborate lingerie such as corsets […]

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Highlighting For Your Shape Face

Know Your Face Shape Before Highlighting Learn how accentuate your best features. Chisel your cheeks, refine your nose, and sculpt your jawline with contouring for the four most common face shapes. The four common face shapes are round, long, heart and square. Contouring is when you use a matte (not shimmery) powder, cream, or pencil product that’s two […]

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Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them This video highlights the common makeup mistakes and how to go about fixing them to make the most of your natural beauty. An easy mistake to make is not using the correct color foundation as well as powder to set.  Another common mistake is to use too […]

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Wonderous World of Eyebrows

Women Are Getting Eyebrow Extensions And The Results Are Totally Mind-Blowing Maybe you have naturally thin brows or you lost them by overtweezing. To get extensions, brow technicians use tweezers to dip tiny synthetic hairs into skin-safe glue and then the hairs are individually applied to the skin. The process can take up to two […]

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Perfect Your Cat Eye

Create a Dramatic, Head-Turning Look With Your Cat Eye Looking for cute makeup ideas? Learn how to apply the cat eye eyeliner with Paulina. It’s a great eyeliner style for day and night looks. Look at more eyeliner ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV8_E… The classic cat eye gets the bombshell treatment from COVERGIRL! Start with a clean palette […]

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Beautiful Natural Look

The Illusion Of No Makeup “No make-up” generally  means “less make-up than usual”.  We allow ourselves to go along with the tabloids and accept something we know to be untrue as we take a peep into the private lives of celebrities we think we know  –    ……. and there she goes, frolicking seductively on […]

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Eyeliner On Your Bottom Lid

Wearing Eyeliner on Your Bottom Lid – Do It The Right Way It is tricky applying eyeliner to the bottom lid. Do it correctly and you’ve got natural-looking definition that goes perfectly on its own or with other eye makeup; do it wrong and you look ten years older and ten hours more sleep-deprived. Keep […]

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Eye Makeup Like a Professional

Enhance Those Beautiful Eyes If you are a newbie to makeup or just need a little inspiration – this eye makeup guide is just for you. This beginners guide will explain in great detail the reason for using primers.  It also  explains which makeup brushes to use as well as the most effective ways in […]