Using Makeup Brushes – Hints and Tips


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Like artists and painters, applying makeup requires brushes of different sizes and shapes.Do not be afraid to experiment and play around with various brushes and techniques and remember that brushes are interchangeable and can be used for various applications.Makeup enhances your positive features while camouflaging any possible flaws.



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Uses of Brushes

Brushes can be used for a number of applications :


Concealer need not only be applied using a conventional Concealer Brush. Any brush able to deliver a flawless application may be used - what matters is the result and not the type of brush.

Ideally, your Concealer Brush should be flat and slightly tapered so that it can place the product in even the most difficult to reach corner of your under-eye. A medium, fluffier brush is perfect if you want more coverage on your concealer.

Apply a small amount of your concealer to your under eye area and try not to place any product near the lash line (stop at around a quarter of an inch (0.5 cm) from the lash line). Stroke your brush lightly on the under eye area and apply the concealer upward until it is blended flawlessly.

For undereye circles, apply concealer first, then foundation. For blemishes and pimple coverage, apply foundation first or the concealer will be rubbed away during the foundation application.



Eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics and can give you a dramatic look without much time or effort. Whether you choose a soft line or a dramatic stroke, you can embellish the windows to your soul by spending just a few minutes in front of a mirror with your eyeliner products.

A refined, flat-head, tapered brush is excellent for a very fine eyeliner which reaches the inner and outer lash line for ultra thin and smooth application. A round head eyeliner brush can give a more blended line. Both work with wet or dry formulations for a lasting look.

A makeup tip for applying eyeliner - do the bottom lid first so you can see how far up you need to take the wing. Then line your upper lid bit by bit. Draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the centre of the lid, then stop and do the same with the outer corner, winging it first and then dragging the brush slowly inwards until the two lines meet.



The best type of Eyebrow Brush has a really small head. The bristles are firmer and a lot harder than an eyeshadow brush.

Use an Angled Eyebrow Brush to define or add 'fill'. The precise angled tip provides pro-style application and can be used to apply powder, liquid or cream products.

Do not load the eyebrow up with too much product at once - you can always add more but it is very difficult to take off once applied.



A Tapered Eyeshadow Brush is ideal for filling in the crease of your eye with shadow. Not used for a fine line but rather for shading, use an eyeshadow a few shades darker than the one on your lid to give your eyes excellent contrast and deeper, more powerful color. Can also be used for applying medium to dark powdered eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and at the outer corner of the eyelid for creating beautiful gradations of color and to add color intensity.

A Flat Eyeshadow Brush made with natural hair is ideal for applying light to dark eyeshadow powders, bringing out and intensifying their color to create smoky eyes. Its flat cut and the density of the hair allow dusting on a large amount of powder, resulting in highly colored makeup with full coverage.

An Angled Eyeshadow Brush made with synthetic hair may be used for applying liquid or cream eyeshadows and liners at the base of the eyelashes to enlarge the eyes or create a sophisticated look. Its finely cut beveled edge allows spreading makeup across the lid in a very precise line. This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow that is the same color as your kohl or eye pencil. The pencil will then last twice as long! Angled Brushes are also great to fill in your brows and they also work to apply eyeliner. Use soft, dabbing motions along the lower lid of the eye or the unfilled areas of the brow. You do not want a lot of movement because the particles go everywhere.

An Eyeshadow Brush in natural hair with a slightly flared shape and long hair is ideal for applying a halo of light to dark eyeshadow powder to illuminate the eyes with a veil of color. This brush allows you to apply eyeshadow with the lightest touch as opposed to a foam tip application that takes more of the shadow and therefore results in a more intense effect.

A Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush is sometimes called an 'all over' lid brush. This is your basic eyeshadow tool. The bristles should be soft, densely packed, and in the shape of a baby-size thumbprint. Use it to apply shadow to lids and brow bones, to contour the crease and to blend.

A Domed eyeshadow brush's primary purpose is to diffuse eyeshadow that has already been brushed along the creases and outer corners of the eyes.

The Smoky Eyeshadow brush looks similar to the Domed Brush, but its bristles are pointier and more densely packed, so they deposit more color. It is great for pressing shadow onto the lids and smuding it into the lash lines.

The angled cut of the fluffy bristles of the Angled Crease Brush perfectly hugs the shape of your brow bone, so that you get a subtle wash of color in the crease of your eye.

A Smudge Brush has stiff, short, rounded bristles. Use it to rub over pencil liner or shadow along your lash line to get that perfect 'lived in' liner look. Makeup artists also use this brush to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

Blending Brushes are usually made from natural hair and have long, loosely packed bristles. Swipe the brush like a windshield wiper wherever you want to soften edges or create a seamless transition between colors.



An angled multipurpose brush can be used to apply bronzer, blush, foundation and concealer. The angled bristles pick up more product than a normal brush, resulting in a truly sculpted appearance. The slant of the bristles form a chiselled edge, allowing for accurate placement that sweeps flat against the skin and delivers even more application. The pointed side easily reaches facial contours, making coverage around the nose and eyes a breeze.

Applying contouring makeup can change the way shape is perceived. This is done by using a Contouring Brush with a darker powder.

Accenting the shape of your face, or even changing it a little, is easy to achieve using a pro technique - take a matt bronzer and use a contouring brush to low light all of the spots you want to visually slim down. You can low light the sides of your nose if you want it to appear narrower, apply the bronzer on the tip of your nose if you want it to appear smaller. You can also drag a brush on both sides of the jaw (leaving the chin out) for a more heart-shaped face.

Contouring can make your cheekbones stand out by applying bronzer under your cheekbones, making your face look slimmer. Also apply to your temples, chin and a little down your nose bridge to get the full contoured effect.

Placed correctly in and around your cleavage will make your breasts will look bigger.



Whatever your style is, loose face powder is critical to have in your bag of makeup.

A Powder Brush, Face Blender Brush or Multi-functional Brush may be used for applying pressed, loose or tanning powders to highlight facial glow and to add a matt complexion. A Powder Brush is perfect for a natural look, because it allows you to apply the powder to your skin much more lightly than with a puff. If you wear foundation, loose powder can be used to set the foundation, making it last longer.

If using loose powder, dip the Powder Bush into the powder and swirl. Do not press hard or too much powder will clog up your brush. Tap the brush gently on the side of the container to shake off the excess powder than brush powder onto your face using light pressure. Use a small circular motion for the best possible coverage. Start at the jaw line and work your way into the nose area, then move to the chin area and forehead.

Apply a small amount of powder to the neck area to create a natural, finished look. Do not forget this step or your face may end up looking like it is a different shade than your neck.



A foundation brush may be used with cream or powder foundation. A medium size tapered foundation brush can be used to apply, distribute and blend the foundation into all areas of the face.

A large flat brush is perfect for a smooth application covering pores to achieve a flawless and natural base. It gives a natural blending and allows for better control. A Foundation Brush is recommended, rather than using fingers, as the long hairs allow for uniform application of colour while spreading the foundation across the face and delicately smoothing it, resulting in a natural look.

Rub the brush lightly into the foundation and dot over your T-zone, then blend outwards for even coverage. 'Blending' means brushing in wide circles while 'pulling' the makeup outwards.



Blush helps to make your beautiful face glow and look alive. Application is fairly straightforward but it is important to get it right to avoid overdoing the look.

If you are using a powder blush, lightly sweep your Blush Brush through the blush and then tap it on the container to remove any excess. Start with a little blush - it is easier to add more to your face than to remove too much.

Make a 'fish face' as this helps you find the apple of your cheeks. Do not smile as that brings your cheeks up and can make your blush too low. Sweep the Blush Brush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow.

Only apply blush after you have completed all your facial makeup. When your look is complete, use a Wedge Shaped Powder Brush to sweep away excess particles. This shape reaches smaller areas of the face that a more voluminous brush would sweep over.



Lip Brushes are used to apply lipsticks and glosses and to soften the contour lines of lips. A fine cut brush allows tracing the lip contour very precisely with the point of the brush and more precise coverage and longer lasting wear.

A broad cut Lip Brush is used for filling in the area inside the contour which adds a velvety look to lips.


Long Lasting Makeup

After your makeup application is complete, take a tissue and apply toner to it and place the tissue over the entire face for a few seconds and, very lightly, press the sides of the nose. When you remove the tissue, the toner has set the foundation, which then lasts longer and wears better all evening.

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